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Bianca C.
Denver, CO

As I type this, I might be a little biased. For one, I am on Your Place's free wi-fi, and I just consumed a delicious breakfast burrito. I have a mug of their Swiss Chocolate coffee, and I'm staring at my boyfriend (trying to make him feel uncomfortable). We are both on our macs, and it's our typical sunday routine. We buy a few scratch tickets, head to Your Place, scratch the tickets (usually lose), and study for a few hours. Well, I am usually studying, he's usually doing internship work. With 19 credits, and an internship. I'm a busy girl, and my apartment is not a place I can get anything done. Sunday's are my sanctuary.

So what makes Your Place THE PLACE to be? Options! They have great breakfast items like Quiche, burritos, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and more. They also have lunch items like soup, sandwiches, etc. This place also has boba tea! Where are all these wonderful little gems in Greeley coming from? You tell me. I like their endless cup of coffee for little more than a buck. They also have chai, espresso, mocha, lattes and anything else you can put in a mug.

Your place literally feels like my place. It's decor is neat. They have exposed brick, with lots of local art on the walls (which you can buy). Regulars have their faces on their coffee mugs. And, this place gets a ton of business. The staff is super friendly, and attentive. The owner always seems to know you, even if you don't remember her.

Moral of the story: Screw Michener library.  Screw StarBucks. Study here. If you don't? It's your loss.

PS: I met my boyfriend here....So...Just saying. Cupid's arrow


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