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Featured Artist of the Month
Mike Harrington

My name is Mike Harrington and I am a local artist in Greeley. Inspired 15 years ago by my high School art teacher, I always found painting fun and relaxing.

Then one day with the combination of inspiration from my teacher and watching Bob Ross paint happy trees, I decided to pick up painting again and try a few happy little paintings myself.

Since then I have made several paintings and many more "happy accidents." I am excited to day that next spring I am teaching a "Bob Ross - Joy of Painting" class to home school students on Fridays at Frontier Academy Access.

Eager to learn and paint more, much of my proceeds will go into purchasing painting supplies and canvases to become a better painting teacher for students as will as help fund traveling the world. I an a full-time engineering teacher at Frontier Academy and assist with technology support. Fell free to contact me with any questions. My email is harringtonmichaelv@sau.edu


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